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Rio Grande Valley Ministries

Mission: To inspire hope to the people of the Rio Grande Valley by providing humanitarian relief, educational necessities and spiritual encouragement.

What do we do:  Provide school backpacks and supplies for all school age children attending public events each summer. Includes providing the same through Brownsville, TX city social services. Host and finance a week event for all children and adults including crafts, games and music.  A meal is provided for all participants.

QUESTIONS about how you can get involved, Contact Randy Loyd at or 817-835-0027

Mission Trip 2023

July 24th - 29th

Basic information

  • Cost is $350 per team member 16 yrs. or older.  Children under 6 yrs. old are free when they can stay in their parents room.  For children 6 to 16 yrs. the cost is $250, if they stay in the same condo with parents. 

  • June 21 – provide a number for your group that plan to attend.  This number will not be the final count but is needed to move forward with accommodations. 

  • June 21 – provide a list of T-Shirt sizes for your group.  I will not need the names just sizes.  I suggest you keep a list of names as the plan will be to give each church a box with their t-shirts.  While there is no charge for children under 6 yrs.; if you would like them to have a t-shirt, please include $10 for each child.  T-Shirt sizes will be YS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.  You will be able to update the list up to July 13. 

  • July 5 – updated list of mission team and t-shirt sizes.

  • July 13 – final list of t-shirt sizes.  We will do our best to have extra shirts of common sizes for the late entries.

  • July 22 – final list of mission team and payment will be due for your group.  Normally we would ask for a partial payment earlier however due to current events do not want to create a hardship on any one.  Should you have a late entry, that can be handled upon arrival.  We would like to know as soon as possible any that sign up after July 22.


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