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Here at MCBC, we have a sincere desire to partner with our missionaries.  It is more than a financial commitment that we have made to the missionaries that are apart of our program.  We have made a commitment to pray for each family and their works on a daily basis.  

Questions regarding missions, please contact our missions director, J.R. Yoro at


Rhoades - London - missionary.png
Ebert Philippines Missionary .png
Sullivan - South Africa - Missionary .png
Kongkaw Thailand.jpg
Parnell Uruguay.jpg
_Leavell Belgium.jpg
Alsup Manna Worldwide Asia.jpg
Woodworth Honduras Missionary .png
Cottrell's in Thailand Missionaries (1).png
Beelers in Ecuador.jpg
George Ivory Coast West Africa (1).jpg
Orrick Wales (1).jpg
Workman Tinian (1).jpg
Sakado, Japan McCown (1).jpg
_Shirrell Japan.jpg
Philippines Cain (2).jpg
Waters Zambia (1).jpg
_Greece Dimakos.jpg
Mingo Texas.jpg
Carter  Alaska.jpg
Scotland  Hildalgo (1).jpg
Ukraine Williamson.jpg
_Hawkins Brazil.jpg
Mexico Zapata.jpg
Dan and Gail Powers.jpg
Leatherwood Paraguay villa Elisa.jpg
arellano mexico.jpg
BBF BUILDERS Trosclair.jpg
Napper Northwest Africa (2).jpg
Mexico Baltazar.jpg
Romania Pop (1).jpg
Byars Philippines (1).jpg
Philippines Catalan.jpg
Romania Gonciulea (1).jpg
finch wales.jpg

There are also missionaries that we are unable to give out information on due to their service in Restricted Area Nations.

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