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The following costs are weekly tuition rates effective November 4, 2023.
​Age of Child
6 weeks - 12 months
12 months - 18 months
18 - 24 months
2 years old
3 years old (potty trained)
3 years old (not potty trained)
4 years old
5 years old (not k-5)
School age (before and after school)
k-5 - 12 years all day (summertime)

(Prices are effective November 4, 2023)​

Cost $


Financial Information


Academic Fee

There will be a $85 fee assessed for the Pre-K and Pre-School year to provide academic materials, school supplies, mat, sweatshirt for the Christmas program, and a phonics-based reading program for each child. This is a one-time fee that will be assessed in August of each year.

Overtime Fees

If a child is not picked up by 6:30 PM, a late charge of $2.00 per minute that the child is in the Center will be charged. This amount is payable to the worker who had to stay overtime and is in charge at the time of pick-up. $2.00 PER MINUTE PER CHILD.

Returned Check Charge

A returned check charge of $30.00 will be added to your account for any check returned to the Center. Money orders will be required for a minimum of four weeks after a returned check. At the Center's discretion, money orders may be required at any time after a returned check. If there is a second returned check, checks will no longer be accepted. Visa and Master Card payments will continue to be accepted.

Reminders & Cut-Offs

Reminders will be given if your account is behind one week. A cut-off will be issued if your account is behind two weeks. When a cut-off is issued, your child will not be allowed in the Center after the date listed on the cut-off form. In order to reinstate your child, you must pay the cut-off amount plus the amount required to bring your account to a status of 'paid in advance.'

Summer Activity Fee

During the summer months, children who have completed 1st grade and older will participate in numerous fun-filled activities each week.  The field trip fee for 2nd graders and up will be $150. This is a one-time fee for each summer.


If a child is absent, we cannot give credits or refunds, because a place is being kept for that child which could otherwise be given to someone on our waiting list. See "Vacation" under "General Information" for more information. What this means is if your child is out for the whole week, full tuition will apply.


Payments should be made in the form of cash, check, money order, Visa, Master Card, AmEx, or Discover. Tuition is to be paid in advance in the office. Classroom workers will not be responsible for receiving payments; the payments need to be brought to the OFFICE to insure proper credit. While the office mailbox should be used for tuition payments, we will not be responsible for cash left in the office mailbox. Tuition will be considered late when not paid by 6:30 PM on Tuesday of the current week. 

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