Financial Information

The following costs are weekly tuition rates.

Age of Child                                         Cost $ 

6 weeks - 12 months                               210.00
12 months - 18 months                           205.00
18 - 24 months                                       200.00
2 years old                                             183.00
3 years old potty trained)                         170.00
3 years old (not potty trained)                  183.00
4 years old                                             155.00
5 years old (not k-5)                                155.00
School age (before and after school only)   90.00
k-5 - 12 years, all day (school year)          115.00
k-5 - 12 years all day (summertime)         135.00

(Prices are effective March 4, 2019)​

Additional Fees :

Academic Fee
There will be a $85 fee assessed for the Pre-K and Pre-School year to provide academic materials, school supplies, mat, sweatshirt for the Christmas program, and a phonics-based reading program for each child. This is a one-time fee that will be assessed in August of each year.

Mat Fee
There will be a $15 mat fee to replace torn or worn mats.

Summer Activity Fee
During the summer months, children who have completed 1st grade and older will participate in numerous fun-filled activities each week.  The field trip fee for 2nd graders and up will be $150. This is a one-time fee for each summer.

Broken Toy Charge
If a child breaks a toy on purpose or in anger, the parents will be held financially responsible for replacement of that toy.

Overtime Fees
If a child is not picked up by 6:30 PM, a late charge of $2.00 per minute that the child is in the Center will be charged. This amount is payable to the worker who had to stay overtime and is in charge at the time of pick-up. $2.00 PER MINUTE PER CHILD.

Missed School Pick-Up Charge
If a child is scheduled to be picked up from school, but is not at school for some reason, please contact the office before 2:30 PM. If this is not done, a $5.00 charge will be assessed to your account. Also, if a child is not in the designated spot to be picked up, we WILL NOT make a second trip to the school. The parents will be called from the school.

If a child is absent, we cannot give credits or refunds, because a place is being kept for that child which could otherwise be given to someone on our waiting list. See "Vacation" under "General Information" for more information. What this means is if your child is out for the whole week, full tuition will apply.

Partial Weeks
For children in K-5 and under who are present TWO FULL DAYS** DURING THE WEEK, THE FULL WEEKLY PAYMENT IS REQUIRED FOR THAT WEEK. IF THE CHILD IS PRESENT ONLY ONE DAY IN THE WEEK, THE CHARGE WILL BE 50% OF REGULAR TUITION. If your child is out for the entire week and you do not have any vacation time and you do not have a Doctor's note for illness, then full tuition will apply.

These policies also apply to school age students who are present for the summer. During the school year, if a school age child requires a full day** of child care (due to holidays, etc.) the rate for one day will be $25.00, in addition to regular before and after school rates. However, two or more full days of care constitute a full week, thus full-time rates will apply. ** -- Four (4) or more hours of care for one day will be considered a full day of care.

Drop Fee
If the Center is not notified of a child's withdrawal one week in advance, a fee of $20.00 will be charged. No records will be released until all financial obligations are met.

Returned Check Charge
A returned check charge of $30.00 will be added to your account for any check returned to the Center. Money orders will be required for a minimum of four weeks after a returned check. At the Center's discretion, money orders may be required at any time after a returned check. If there is a second returned check, checks will no longer be accepted. Visa and Master Card payments will continue to be accepted.

Check In/Out Fee
Each time a child is not checked in or is not checked out, a fee of $2.00 will be charged. If the computer system is down, the child must be checked in/out on the temporary sheet which will be provided by the office.

Payments should be made in the form of check, money order, Visa, or Master Card. Tuition is to be paid in advance in the office. Classroom workers will not be responsible for receiving payments; the payments need to be brought to the OFFICE to insure proper credit. While the office mailbox should be used for tuition payments, we will not be responsible for cash left in the office mailbox. Tuition will be considered late when not paid by 6:30 PM on Tuesday of the current week. A 10% late charge will be added at this time.

Reminders & Cut-Offs
Reminders will be given if your account is behind one week. A cut-off will be issued if your account is behind two weeks. When a cut-off is issued, your child will not be allowed in the Center after the date listed on the cut-off form. In order to reinstate your child, you must pay the cut-off amount plus the amount required to bring your account to a status of 'paid in advance.'

Receipts will be printed once each month. These should be kept as your proof of payment for income tax purposes. If the office is asked to prepare a statement of charges for the year, a $10.00 fee will be charged. If you have questions concerning your account, please check your account status on the check-in computer and/or contact the office. The parent is responsible to produce receipts for any days or weeks in question.

Withdrawal From the Center
Current credit card information must be kept on file at Child Care Learning Center. If you withdraw from the Center with a balance due, this credit card account will be charged for the balance due within 7 days.